UPDATE from Mayor Giblin: Alternate route possibility in the works. (5/13/19)

UPDATE from Mayor Giblin about PSEG high voltage power line plan and alternate route possibility in the works. Many thanks to the BOE who will also be introducing a resolution in addition to the TC tonight about this project.

PSE&G Update

PSE&G is evaluating using the Conrail Right of Way. They have performed preliminary engineering and cost estimates, and expect to have final estimates around May 24th. They are now reviewing continuing along the railroad to connect to the Fanwood substation. This route may eliminate the need to come through Westfield/Garwood and Lexington Ave in Cranford.

I spoke to Conrail this morning, they expressed a willingness to work with PSE&G, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their rail operations.

I do not know the likelihood of this reroute happening, but all parties appear to be open to the option. The Cranford Township Committee continues to advocate for a new route.

The Cranford Board of Education will introduce a similar resolution tonight, opposing the project. Thanks to Kurt Petschow and the BOE for their efforts on this matter.

- Mayor Patrick Giblin

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