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At last evenings Union County freeholder meeting we learned that PSE&G claims they have no email complaints about Cranford's project (this is likely because they only supplied us with a phone number to complain to, however we know for fact many have emailed various executives).

It is IMPERATIVE that PSE&G has record of our complaints. It was suggested by freeholder Garretson that we email the two local PSE&G representatives listed below, as well as CCing the freeholders. Please let them know this project is NOT okay:

Please also CC our Union County Freeholders:

Bette Jane Kowalski:
Alexander Mirabella:
Angel G. Estrada:
Angela R. Garretson:
Sergio Granados:
Christopher Hudak:
Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded:
Andrea Staten:
Rebecca Williams:

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