UPDATE: PSE&G’S 69Kv Plan on Indefinite Hold (11/15/19)

PSE&G advised today that its initial plan to run the 65-foot, high-voltage poles down Cranford’s residential streets has been put on hold. PSE&G confirmed that it could not reach an agreement with Hartz Mountain for the 750 Walnut substation project. For now, the project has been put on ice as the utility looks for another site that is suitable for its substation.

A special thanks to Mayor Patrick Giblin for all the work he has done. There was an impressive turnout for Cranford’s meeting with PSE&G this morning and it certainly was impactful. This is a great first step and we will continue to be involved and push to protect our residential streets once the location for the new substation has been decided. No feeling of victory will be had until we know where that substation will be and the path it will take.

We also thank the elected officials who have helped us along the journey so far and have continued to make such strong statements and resolutions in opposition of this project. Today’s meeting had a great representation from our Senate, Assembly, Freeholders, county and township.

And last but not least thank you to all of the community and our friends over at No Monster Power Lines – Westfield that have come together to help show a strong opposition to this plan- had everyone not gotten behind this, there could have been poles breaking ground right now (plans were slated to start in Cranford late 2019, early 2020).

Please read the TAPInto article for the coverage of today’s events.

The fight is certainly not over, but today was a great first step and we are committed to fighting this all the way through. 

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